Its history, its documents and its position and landscape and why not, even its unmatchable gastronomic specialities, make Cividale unique in the area. That’s why culture lovers find themselves at ease whit the great wines here whilst following this itinerary crossing roads in the town centre or along the Natisone valley.
Castled on the banks of the Natisone river, Cividale del Friuli has developed and maintained its noble austerity, worthy of any capital of great strategic importance, marked and enriched by the passing of foreigners such as the the Longobards and the Francs. One discovers the town, beginning in the heart of its historical centre, piazza del Duomo or the Cathedral square. Here we can find the Nordis building and the stately Provveditori Veneti building, which currently houses the National Archeological Museum that offers a real opportunity for an indepth understanding of the complex period in history during the numerous invasions by the population commonly known as the “barbarians”.
Moving on into Corso Mazzini, the town’s main street, one becomes ever more emerged in Cividale’s ancient spirit, until we come to piazza Paolo Diacono, animated daily by a picturesque vegetable market.
Leaving the square behind and losing oneself amongst the streets, whilst passing the mighty city walls which hold the majestic gates to the city, one then comes to the San Francesco church, which is in the square of the same name, whose gardens do not overshadow the beauty of its interior.
Retracing one’s steps, whilst leaving the Cathedral behind, the air we breathe has a hint of the ancient Longobards here more than ever. A little bit further away, between the enchantment of the green above the city walls we come to the famous little Longobard temple, the highest expression of western Medieval times.
In front of the 8th century building, is a wonderful panorama of the Ponte del Diavolo and the Natisone river, which flows between the deep and steep walls. Via Monastero Maggiore, with its characteristic uneven cobble stones, takes us straight to the Ipogeo Celtico, a curious and interesting complex of artificial caves, dug at various levels and accessible from steep but evocative steps.

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