To arrive to Aquileia is like entering in the history, where the  signs of a last civilization make us to know the largeness and the importance that the city of Aquileia, the capital of “Venetia et Histria”, covered already two thousand years ago, on the economic, military and political plan. Today the illustrious past is easy visible in numerous monuments and archaeological digging. Aquileia has become an ideal place in order to pass the vacations having fun and, at the same time, meeting the culture. Thanks to its naturally central position and to the comfortable street connections, it is very easy to catch up city and the amenities, rich places of history, monuments and museums, for example Udine and Trieste, the fortified city of Palmanova, probably the more important still existing model of military architecture, or places exclusively dedicates to the summery tourism like Grado, famous all over the world for its bathing systems, the therapeutic qualities of its sand and for its wonderful lagoon.
In a rich zone of culinarie traditions we could not forget the opportunity to taste the famous wines whit the local dishes. It's easy to arrive in Venice, even using the freeway, in hardly an hour. For this and others thousand reasons,  give you a vacation to Aquileia. CASA CORAZZA is waiting for you!

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