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The cuisine in FVG is made of thousands of crossing and overlapping flavours, it varies as the landscapes of these lands, and comes from the union of three great culinary traditions: the Austrian, the Venetian and the Slav, plus a strong and tasty popular cuisine, made of simple and complete recipes.

Many dishes in Trieste and Gorizia derive from the Austrian tradition: first and main courses, side dishes and desserts are the most typical ones. Fish-based recipes from Trieste are characteristic too; of course, fish is also found in all other locations along the coast, from Lignano to Grado.

Meat, dairy products, cold cuts and pulses are the basis of the tasty cuisine in Friuli, based on simple recipes and wholesome products, which have been revived and refined by the restaurants in the Pordenone and Udine areas.
A special place in the regional cuisine is held by Carnic cuisine, very tasty and strictly seasonal, characterised by a clever use of poor and healthy mountain tastes, like herbs and products from “malga” (mountain farmhouses).

When talking about food in FVG, special mention has to be made of San Daniele ham, famous and exported all over the world, Montasio cheese, whose origin and quality are guaranteed by an authentic label, and Frico.

“A vineyard called Friuli”. This is a great definition for the large variety and high quality of the regional wine production; there are no less than eight certified areas, which produce some excellent wines, like the rare Picolit and the sweet Ramandolo.
Sturdy red wines and aromatic white wines are perfect to go with the tasty and refined dishes of local and international cuisines.

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